“You need to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses to really understand what you’re learning in school. If you don’t know who you are, then you aren’t going to get good grades.” –Carmen, 8th grade

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Ongoing Programs

SMARTS Executive Function and Mentoring Program

SMARTS is a comprehensive curriculum spanning nine months and teaching students critical executive function strategies that promote academic success. This curriculum provides explicit instruction in the 5 key executive function processes (goal setting, thinking flexibly, organizing and prioritizing, accessing working memory, and self-checking). Each executive function strategy is first modeled, students practice the strategy using fun activities, and then apply these strategies to schoolwork…Read more

Drive to Thrive Award made possible through The Jack & Thelma Segal Fund
This award recognizes those students with learning or attention differences who show exceptional effort, persistence, goal-orientation, and resilience. This award was established to honor the memory of the late Dr. Jack Segal, an outstanding physician, diagnostician and global thinker who epitomized the drive to thrive with his energy, passion, creativity, humor, persistence and resilience.

Professional Development and Training

Professional development and training is key to the successful teaching of executive function strategies.  For over 30 years, the Research Institute for Learning and Development (ResearchILD), has been conducting conferences and workshops on executive function, strategy instruction, metacognition, learning differences, cognitive flexibility, and other topics related to increasing self-awareness and learning for all students.

Through our SMARTS Executive Function program we offer a range of professional development opportunities. These training are designed to be customized to the specific needs of your educator community as they begin the process of implementing and adapting executive function strategy instruction.

Please reach out to Donna Kincaid, Director of Outreach and Training, dkincaid@ildlex.org, 781-861-3711 x111 with any specific questions you may have on rates and availability.

For more information about our ongoing programs please contact us.