This is an excellent book. It is the clearest and most informative description of how to foster students’ executive functioning that I have seen!

-Prof. Janette K. Klingner, Ph.D.

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Promoting Executive Function in the Classroom
Lynn Meltzer, Ph.D. (Editor); With chapters by ResearchILD staff: Kalyani Krishnan, Judi Stein, Melissa Feller; Donna Kincaid; Nancy Trautman; Surina Basho; Melissa Orkin and others — Guilford Press, April 2010
Accessible and practical, this book helps teachers incorporate executive function processes—such as planning, organizing, prioritizing, and self-checking—into the classroom curriculum. Chapters provide effective strategies for optimizing what K–12 students learn by improving how they learn. Noted authority Lynn Meltzer and her research associates present a wealth of easy-to-implement assessment tools, teaching techniques and activities, and planning aids. Featuring numerous whole-class ideas and suggestions, the book also shows how to differentiate instruction for students with learning or attention difficulties. Case examples illustrate individualized teaching strategies and classroom accommodations. More than a dozen reproducibles are included; the large-size format facilitates photocopying and day-to-day reference.


Executive Function in Education: From Theory to Practice
Lynn Meltzer, Ph.D. (Editor); With chapters by ResearchILD staff: Bethany Roditi Ph.D., Judi Stein, Kalyani Krishnan, Joan Steinberg and Laura Sales Pollica — Guilford Press, Spring 2007
This uniquely integrative book has received rave reviews from experts in the field and brings together leading researchers and practitioners from education, neuroscience, and psychology. It presents a theoretical framework for understanding executive function difficulties together with a range of effective approaches to assessment and instruction.



Power of Peers
The Power of Peers in the Classroom Lynn Meltzer, Ph.D., Editor with Karen Harris – Guilford Press 2015.
Peer support and social relationships have a tremendous influence on development, motivation, and achievement for all students, including struggling learners and those with disabilities. This highly practical book is one of the few resources available to guide classroom teachers and special educators in the application of peer-assisted instructional strategies in grades K-12. Expert contributors describe evidence-based approaches for building students’ skills in reading, writing, math, and other content areas, as well as social competence and executive functioning. Sample lessons and more than a dozen reproducible tools are provided. Purchasers get access to a Web page where they can download and print the reproducible materials. This title is part of the What Works for Special-Needs Learners Series, edited by Karen R. Harris and Steve Graham.


Strategies for Success: Classroom Teaching Techniques for Students with Learning Differences
Lynn Meltzer; Bethany Roditi; Joan Steinberg; Kathleen Rafter Biddle; Susan Taber; Kathleen Boyle Caron; Leta Kniffin — PRO-ED, Inc., 2006
This book provides realistic and accessible techniques for teachers, special educators, and other professionals working with students at the late elementary, middle, and early high school levels. These strategies can help teachers in inclusive settings understand the diverse learning profiles of their students and create classroom environments that encourage all students to succeed.
MetaCOG: Metacognitive Awareness Assessment System Developed by ResearchILD
Teachers can use this survey system for a variety of purposes over the course of the year: To understand students’ views of their own effort, use of strategies and academic performance in the classroom. To develop a system for teaching strategies that help students plan, organize, prioritize, shift flexibly, memorize, and check their work. To help teachers understand their students’ perceptions and judgments and to compare their own views with their students’ self-perceptions so that they can reach all their students and teach them to learn how to learn over the course of the school year.

The complete set of MetaCOG Assessment Surveys is available from ResearchILD for $70.00.  To purchase the surveys click on the link above to checkout securely through PayPal. To purchase by phone, check or money order please contact us.