SMARTS Online is an exciting web-based curriculum from RESEARCHILD. This amazing resource is designed for middle school and high school students of all ability levels. SMARTS helps teachers reach every student in the classroom by teaching them executive function strategies to overcome academic challenges.

SMARTS provides teachers with 30 lesson plans covering 5 critical areas of executive function:

  • goal setting

  • thinking flexibly

  • organizing and prioritizing

  • accessing working memory

  • and self-monitoring and checking

SMARTS helps students to understand their profiles of strengths and weaknesses, which strategies work well for them, as well as why, where, when and how to use specific strategies.  

Using SMARTS lesson plans and materials, teachers will teach their students to develop a strategic approach to their class work, homework, and studying.

Check out the SMARTS website or email Michael Greschler, SMARTS Program Director, for more details.

SMARTS executive Function Curriculum

SMARTS makes learning easier and more fun.  You learn things that you will keep using until you are 50.

Jackson and Aiden, Age 13

We are grateful for the support of community-minded foundations and corporations that help us bring the power of SMARTS to students everywhere.

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