Suellen Inwood


Suellen Inwood, is the Director and Co-founder of the Easton County Day School in Easton Connecticut. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders/ Learning Disabilities at Northwestern University and her Master’s in Education for Pre-K - 12 at Southern Connecticut University. She is one of Easton Country Day School’s founding parents and is one of the school’s two administrators. Her twenty-five years of teaching experience includes work with a wide range of learners including gifted, special needs, autism, and typical students pre- K- 12 in both public and private school settings. Suellen firmly believes that every child deserves an individualized education. She is also an Original Play Specialist having apprenticed and worked with Dr. Donaldson in Original Play for over 20 years.

We are grateful for the support of community-minded foundations and corporations that help us bring the power of SMARTS to students everywhere.

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